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C is enough for everything

The title is a saying of my M.Sc. thesis and PhD supervisor. It has been 7 years with him and we still work time to time together after PostDoc and he was right. C is REALY enough for everything. In this article I reveal my C sources. DO NOT expect a big websites and thousands of examples or pages fancy C code. I use C simply on command line in Windows and Linux for scientific computing and it does everything I need. Here are my knowledge sources: Continue reading

Great combination of Calibre, Stanza and iPhone (or iPad) to edit / upload / read ebooks

I am using Calibre for a long time. It is the BEST eBook tool I have ever seen. It is free and works on Windows, Linux or Mac. It get from many different formats in and creates flawless many different format out. For over 2 years now I combined this software with my iPhone and iPad. I use a software called Stanza. After many revisions in all software I just mentioned it came to a “perfection point” so I wanted to write this article. I will do a how to setup and work with all guide for new beginners, although I believe “already users” can benefit from it too.
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HP Network Printer memory

HP 209a-m

I have a HP 209a-m which my wife bought for my birthday 2 years ago. We are using it as a network wireless printer since than. Great product except the cartage prices. Linux is ready for it and uses it fantastic.

Under Windows the printer also mount memory as a external drive. I wanted to do the same thing with linux.

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Linus hates GNOME 3.0, well who does not?

Linus really hated new GNOME. Here is what he said in his Google+. Published with no comment:

I used to be upset when gnome developers decided it was “too complicated” for the user to remap some mouse buttons. In gnome3, the developers have apparently decided that it’s “too complicated” to actually do real work on your desktop, and have decided to make it really annoying to do.

Here’s an example of “the crazy”: you want a new terminal window. So you go to “activities” and press the “terminal” thing that you’ve made part of your normal desktop thing (but why can’t I just have it on the desktop, instead of in that insane “activities” mode?). What happens? Nothing. It brings your existing terminal to the forefront.

That’s just crazy crap. Now I need to use Shift-Control-N in an old terminal to bring up a new one. Yeah, that’s a real user experience improvement. Sure.

I’m sure there are other ways, but that’s just an example of the kind of “head up the arse” behavior of gnome3. Seriously. I have been asking other developers about gnome3, they all think it’s crazy.

I’m using Xfce. I think it’s a step down from gnome2, but it’s a huge step up from gnome3. Really.

Not Chrome, but Chromium !

THis is the Chromium logo, not Chrome logo. Chrome logo has colors of Google...
I have difficulties to understand linux users who prefers Chrome. After all this is a project which is the Google copy of Chromium. Google keeps it’s own compile ingredients secret but Chromium is open source. So, why the hell on earth, a user uses linux because it is FREE as in freedom but prefers to setup Chrome. If you are one of them, just visit your distro’s package manager and search for Chromium. Happy browsing…