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C is enough for everything

The title is a saying of my M.Sc. thesis and PhD supervisor. It has been 7 years with him and we still work time to time together after PostDoc and he was right. C is REALY enough for everything. In this article I reveal my C sources. DO NOT expect a big websites and thousands of examples or pages fancy C code. I use C simply on command line in Windows and Linux for scientific computing and it does everything I need. Here are my knowledge sources: Continue reading

Great combination of Calibre, Stanza and iPhone (or iPad) to edit / upload / read ebooks

I am using Calibre for a long time. It is the BEST eBook tool I have ever seen. It is free and works on Windows, Linux or Mac. It get from many different formats in and creates flawless many different format out. For over 2 years now I combined this software with my iPhone and iPad. I use a software called Stanza. After many revisions in all software I just mentioned it came to a “perfection point” so I wanted to write this article. I will do a how to setup and work with all guide for new beginners, although I believe “already users” can benefit from it too.
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Dual Screen on Xubuntu 11.10

It is going very well with Xubuntu 11.10. I am actually amazed. As I hoped the package reps are perfectly maintain and I do not need to deal with “new generation” desktops.

Anyway, there was something from the beginning I did not like. Ubuntu or Linux Mint had very good graphic card support on dual screen. So, it was easy to maintained, but with Xubuntu this was a little bit of trouble. When you go to settings manager “Display” options were few with no help (Figure 1). So, I was looking for a solution to fix this easily instead of dealing with xorg.conf file like old days.

Figure 1: Xubuntu classic Display options.

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Not Chrome, but Chromium !

THis is the Chromium logo, not Chrome logo. Chrome logo has colors of Google...
I have difficulties to understand linux users who prefers Chrome. After all this is a project which is the Google copy of Chromium. Google keeps it’s own compile ingredients secret but Chromium is open source. So, why the hell on earth, a user uses linux because it is FREE as in freedom but prefers to setup Chrome. If you are one of them, just visit your distro’s package manager and search for Chromium. Happy browsing…