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CheckInstall for your locally compiled applications

I do mostly compile my scientific tools from source. That gives me an option to compile them with the latest libraries that they are depended on. Most of the source codes are very well maintained and uses great tools like Autotools etc. Of course when you choose to maintain a personal PC like that, you end up with a lot of compiling. My problem was that when I install a successfully compiled code I cannot remove it most of the time or in another words “uninstall” them. One solution is to create Debian packages, or I can install and remove when ever I want with apt tools. BUT, this needs a lot of knowledge on package management. I do not want to spend my time on learning that, I just want a solution that I can remove and compiled code I want whenever I want. Yet, I did not know that there was already a solution for such need. Here is 3 easy steps to do that:
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C is enough for everything

The title is a saying of my M.Sc. thesis and PhD supervisor. It has been 7 years with him and we still work time to time together after PostDoc and he was right. C is REALY enough for everything. In this article I reveal my C sources. DO NOT expect a big websites and thousands of examples or pages fancy C code. I use C simply on command line in Windows and Linux for scientific computing and it does everything I need. Here are my knowledge sources: Continue reading