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So, which distro I am on now?

Well, after some tests, I decided to use ubuntu reps but not itself. So, what I mean is, I will go with a side distro of ubuntu; xubuntu. It comes with a mre human interface but uses ubuntu reps so I have a stable package system under my hand.

Why not Linux Mint Debian?

Cause, it’s package system is a crime. They took successful Debian package system and by NOT updating anything and releasing broken packages; they make you hate it… I will not even try other versions of it. I removed last night… Stay away… You have been warned !

Why not even Ubuntu 10.0.4 LTS?

After my last post, some people told me why not to use a ‘long term service’ version of Ubuntu. The version 10.0.4 is supported till 2013, but, there is a BIG BUT here, the kernel is of course stuck with 2.6.x. And if you buy a new laptop like me with a Intel HD 3000 graphics card or similar, expecially on amd64 there is no external screen support. Well, this mean also ‘no support’ to me. So, no to Ubuntu 10.0.4 LTS also…

Why not Ubuntu 11?

Cause they came up with this unity interface and push you a new experience which might be fun for new users but I do deal with ‘work’ all day. And they do not have ready option for gnome 2.x. Why? I have no idea. Removed yesterday and wil ltry linux mint (debian based)ç