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How do PayPal and Host1Plus STEAL your money ?!

I have been waiting 6 months to write this article. Read very carefully. This article will reveal the tricks which PayPal and scam artists put into action together. PayPal does this trick with everybody. It is a worldwide scam. I have fall into that scam with an hosting company. Here is the whole story.

On 14th of November 2011, I decided to move out from money hosting company because they wanted to charge me double. The money has been taken from my PayPal account automatically without asking me. I filed a complain to the company and they refunded my money. Keep this in mind.

On 15th of November 2011, I opened an hosting and moved all my domains and hosting to, a baltic company who pays tax in UK. I always check their quality before I move to a new hosting. They were looking OK. Some complains but nothing big. I paid 50 something $ for a yearly hosting with PAYPAL.

On 16th of November 2011, I have been noticed that my account is on a server called so I opened Google and searched the server. It was unbelievable, these guys put hundreds of websites onto 1 single machine and they have a up-time as LOW AS 95% a year. When I bought the account there was a page saying that they have 99.9% up-time guaranty and 30 days money back guaranty. So I want to their website and tried to find a contact information. I barely found a common email and submit a claim. The respond was “You are just a 1 day old customer, how can you say that?”. I said; ” I said it does not matter how long our business relation you have 30days money back and 99.9% up-time guaranty. Even we are not sure about the second case yet, you need to refund me when ever I want due to your first guaranty”. On the same day the server went down for 24 hours. They said they had a DoS attack !!!!

On 17th of November 2011, send me an email (below) saying that DoS attack happens to everyone and it is not everyday (???). They also said, they do not care if they have written 30days money back guaranty, they said it does not cover PayPal payments. So they wont refund. I said, no matter what, you need to refund, this is Europe and there are online sale regulations. The respond was as in below email.
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Linus hates GNOME 3.0, well who does not?

Linus really hated new GNOME. Here is what he said in his Google+. Published with no comment:

I used to be upset when gnome developers decided it was “too complicated” for the user to remap some mouse buttons. In gnome3, the developers have apparently decided that it’s “too complicated” to actually do real work on your desktop, and have decided to make it really annoying to do.

Here’s an example of “the crazy”: you want a new terminal window. So you go to “activities” and press the “terminal” thing that you’ve made part of your normal desktop thing (but why can’t I just have it on the desktop, instead of in that insane “activities” mode?). What happens? Nothing. It brings your existing terminal to the forefront.

That’s just crazy crap. Now I need to use Shift-Control-N in an old terminal to bring up a new one. Yeah, that’s a real user experience improvement. Sure.

I’m sure there are other ways, but that’s just an example of the kind of “head up the arse” behavior of gnome3. Seriously. I have been asking other developers about gnome3, they all think it’s crazy.

I’m using Xfce. I think it’s a step down from gnome2, but it’s a huge step up from gnome3. Really.