Google Earth, clamp polygons and your Intel graphic card


I use Google Earth very much for GIS data presentation. It is important for me that the overlays is used in maximum extend capabilities of Google Earth. Under Windows this is covered with a good OpenGL library. Same quality can be achived with Linux after a little bit of tricks.


I found two different steps and combined them one-after-another and it worked.

    You can start by trying only STEP 5 and if it does not work you can do all the steps.

Here is goes;

1) Load latest binary files for Google Earth Package; which gives you option to adjust and create a DEB files that fits your system.
sudo apt-get install googleearth-package

2) run the script to create the DEB file
sudo make-googleearth-package --force

3) List the created file to see the exact name of the DEB file

4) Install the DEB file by forcing
sudo dpkg -i --force-architecture googleearth_XXXXX_XXX.deb

4.5) It might ask at this point for missing libraries (for example I was missing libfreeimage3; I installed binary and development files and re-do the step 4)

5) This is the trickey part. Now you have to run it with OpenGL capabilities.

You should be seeing the polygons from now on… If not it is most likely your Google Earth is running in SAFE MODE; go to Tools / Options and uncheck it. Restart…

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