Sync your Google Drive with your Box(es)

Problem I have 3 computers and they are in different locations. I wanted to use the Google drive as a auto-sync small-file backup place. There had been many solution on Windows and on linux I do find a simple to manage one.


Thanks to GRIVE initiative there is a quick solution. Go to download page and download a DEB package or compile from the source code that you can learn how to do it here. Enjoy !

When you finish setup for the first run
1) Create a directory where ever you want; for example
mkdir /home/Ferhat/gRive
cd /home/Ferhat/gRive

2) And for only the first time run
grive -a
3) It will say “Please go to this URL and get an authentication code:”. Click on to the link and give permission to the software to access your Google account. It will end up with a KEY which you will have to copy and paste to the console window.This will start the sync.
4) And when ever you want to sync go to the directory we have just created and write just

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