Buffalo USB 3.0 Interface Express Card and linux

UPDATE: [2013-08-02]
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UPDATE: [2012-07-21]
After using it couple of weeks I decided to send back the hardware. It has issues with kernel 3.x. I replace with a new addition to my laptop, which replaces the DVD player but works 100%.

I decided to buy a USB 3.0 hard disk. My experience with the one in the office is quite remarkable. The speed they offer is actually real. I see nearly 8 to 9 times speed up in file transfer compared to USB 2.0. But, there was a problem, my laptop does not have a USB 3.0 so I needed to find a way to attach it.

Luckly I found an easy solution. IMy laptop has Express card slot so I bought Buffalo USB 3.0 Interface Express Card with 2 USB 3.0 input. When I plugged in the device, I could see it in the lspci list but it was not working properly. I checked the support websites and could not find anything. And afterwards a guy from a forum who and which I do not remember now; has written “try to add non free firmware modules” in one of his posts. So, I went to my package manager and search for “firmware”. Bingo ! there is a package called “linux-firmware-nonfree”. This package provides non-free firmware used by Linux kernel drivers. Most of the firmware in this package is for television tuner cards. However, non-free firmware for other classes of devices are provided as well. After installing the driver, I needed to restart to activate the new kernel modules and everything worked perfect since than.

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