C is enough for everything

The title is a saying of my M.Sc. thesis and PhD supervisor. It has been 7 years with him and we still work time to time together after PostDoc and he was right. C is REALY enough for everything. In this article I reveal my C sources. DO NOT expect a big websites and thousands of examples or pages fancy C code. I use C simply on command line in Windows and Linux for scientific computing and it does everything I need. Here are my knowledge sources:

1) www.cplusplus.com
This pages includes C++ mostly but covers (of course) the whole C libraries with great examples.

2) The C Programming Language (2nd Edition)
O.K. “Buy this book”, this is also a sentence my supervisor said. It turned out to be true. Everything about C is in this book with a clean simple explanation with great examples.

3) Here is another bookmark link
This page is like Cplusplus.com; use it if you need more examples.

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