HP Network Printer memory

HP 209a-m

I have a HP 209a-m which my wife bought for my birthday 2 years ago. We are using it as a network wireless printer since than. Great product except the cartage prices. Linux is ready for it and uses it fantastic.

Under Windows the printer also mount memory as a external drive. I wanted to do the same thing with linux.

Thanks to this page, I even found a nicer solution than windows. I can directly mount as a drive now. Here is how to do it.

On Ubuntu or Debian, first be sure you have the smbfs package:
sudo apt-get install smbfs

Create a mount point:
sudo mkdir /media/HP

Then, assuming your printer is at 192.168.1.X –
mount -t smbfs //192.168.1.X/Memory_Card /media/HP

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